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Backups: Cloud vs. Local vs. Hybrid

Backups can be pretty complex to fully understand- Cloud, local, and hybrid backups are concepts in the tech industry that are often confusing for people. In simple terms, each type describes a backup target, or where backups are stored. In this post, we will break down both cloud and local backups, and then explain the best of both worlds. 

Cloud Backup Benefits 

Cloud backups are obviously saved in the cloud. But what, exactly, is the cloud? That’s where the ambiguity lies… The cloud is a remote data-center that you can access through any web-connected computer or mobile device. It is nothing more than a server that holds your backups and allows you to access them, should anything go wrong with the copy on your device.

The greatest advantage of cloud backup is that it allows you to retrieve your files in the event of a catastrophic failure. Examples of this are when your device crashes, or you delete a file unintentionally, or the whole system is infected with a virus. There are real-life issues that people face on a daily basis. You’ll be thankful to have a cloud backup if you find yourself in any of these situations.

Local Backup Benefits

There are numerous types of disasters and ways that you can lose data. And as useful cloud backups can be, they are not perfect for every type of disaster recovery scenario. Recovering data from the cloud can take a long time when dealing with large quantities. If you’re not in a rush to restore your data, there is no problem with cloud backups. However, there are times when you want to get back up and running as quickly as possible. In these circumstances, it will be beneficial to have your backup on a hard drive. Since the distance the data has to travel is reduced with a local backup, you can speed up the recovery time.

Hybrid Backup Benefits

Our best recommendation is to have the best of both worlds. You should have three copies of your data; one copy on two different types of media and at least one other copy stored offsite. Corporate Technologies refers to this as the 3-2-1 backup process, and we both recommend it and follow it. It is the most secure way to best ensure that you will recover from any type of disaster. It eliminates there being a single point of failure. So, if something happens to a copy in one location, the others will still have your data. 


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