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Corporate Technologies’ Approach to Nonprofits

We’re currently living in a very different time. Whether you are a student, worker or business, we are all struggling in some aspect. In many cases monetary issues could make or break our success. This can be said especially for nonprofits, which is why we’re here to help.

Your Expenses Might Be Too High

Your business might be spending unnecessary amounts of money on your IT bill- which is no fault of your own.  Our competitors don’t always offer discounted rates for nonprofits because they are able to create more profit for themselves. Especially with COVID-19 hitting some businesses harder than others, their main goal is to stay up. That’s not the case with us however. We want to help your business succeed. 

Our Nonprofit Discounts on Essentials

The truth is, there are companies out there that offer productivity services at a discounted rate for nonprofit organizations. For example, most of us use Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook on a daily basis, making Office 365 a must-have for our office needs. But did you know that we offer these services at a discounted rate for nonprofits? Our strong partnership with Microsoft allows us to do so.

We are also able to offer hardware at special nonprofit pricing. Our vast connections in the technology world allow us to offer significant discounts on IT essentials such as firewalls, access points, and routers. We do this via nonprofit distributors that receive this brand new equipment as donations from major technology firms such as Cisco and HP.  Then, we pass along massive discounts to our nonprofit customers because the distributors only charge the price it costs to keep on their lights.

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A Total Game Changer

This could be a game changer for your organization. A full hardware refresh typically costs tens of thousands of dollars for a mid-size firm. As a nonprofit, you shouldn’t be paying those prices. Here at Corporate Technologies, we can help you chip away thousands from your regular IT expenses. That’s the service you deserve.


It all starts with a quote.

Contact us today to get a customized service plan and quote for your nonprofit!

A blue and black logo for corporate technology.


“Our sales representative has an excellent grasp of the alternatives for our business (non-profit), how to maximize the value, and works with her technical people for review of options before we see them. Our technical support person provides excellent service, great advise, and the solutions work.”

-Scott Fisher

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