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How to Backup Your Business’ Data

For a modern business of any size, data is everything – and it needs to be protected. While security to keep any intrusive entities from accessing said data is critical, it must also be backed up to protect your infrastructure in the event of a breach or data loss. Here’s a breakdown of what a data backup is and how to go about implementing a backup strategy within your organization.

What is a data backup?

A data backup is a copy of files from your business’s devices and network that exist in the event of the original files being lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. A backup is an essential need for every business, as data loss can have catastrophic repercussions if a strategy is not in place.

In fact, it is estimated that 60% of companies that experience data loss close within six months. Even if the business doesn’t close following the event, research shows that companies pay $7 million on average to recover from a data loss. Backups are an absolute must to ensure your business can continue operating successfully in the wake of a major loss.

How should I backup my data?

Your business’s data should be backed up in multiple formats and locations. We’ll start with the cloud.

Backing up on the cloud is necessary to combat the chance of backups on physical devices being lost, stolen, or damaged. Data on hard drives is susceptible to damage by natural disasters and hardware failures. Cloud backups are easy, fast, and secure – and feature unlimited storage.

Keep in mind that online storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox do not serve as effective backups. They don’t automate the backup schedule and don’t provide the capacity or capability of a true cloud backup service.

Paper backups

It should go without saying in 2019 that paper copies of important data do not serve as an effective solution. These files are at an especially high risk of being damaged or lost and should instead be virtualized to ensure security.


No backup method is 100% secure, which is why it’s important to diversify your strategy across multiple formats and locations. In addition to the cloud, you should also back up data on physical devices both on and offsite to ensure nothing is lost if any one device is compromised.

External hard drives work well for small businesses and are inexpensive and easy to use. A physical method of backup should be kept offsite to protect against natural disasters at your place of business. Many companies keep backup devices in a safety deposit box that is fireproof to mitigate this risk.

How much data should I back up?

The short answer is “all of it.†If losing a certain piece of data will interfere with the everyday operations of your business, then it should be backed up. Simply put, when in doubt, back it up.

How often should I back up my data?

This really depends on how often your data is updated. If it’s updated often throughout the course of each day, an hourly backup may be needed. Otherwise, nightly or weekly backups may be preferred. In any case, automated backups should be performed on a consistent basis. This also minimizes what’s required of you while still achieving frequent backups.

Have someone own it

It’s important someone on your team owns the backup process and is familiar with how everything is backed up, how to access every backup, and what to do in the event of a data loss.

If you don’t invest time and resources in an effective backup plan, it will end up costing you a lot more when your data is lost. Your company’s reputation is also at stake, particularly if your data includes sensitive client information. Any loss of data is costly to your clients, will reflect negatively on your organization, and will cost you both current and future business.

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