Technology plays a pivotal part in promoting the effectiveness, security, and efficiency of law firms. This is why it is so important for businesses in the legal industry to consider using dedicated and experienced managed IT services to comprehensively protect their data while simultaneously ensuring continuous compliance.

A lot of law firms opt to develop an in-house IT team. This usually comes with some pretty big caveats. You need to hire experienced specialists (which can be expensive), you need to invest in integrating the right software and hardware to develop an IT ecosystem, and you need to make sure your team is always available. All of this can be financially taxing. Not to mention, your team won’t be able to tackle multiple problems all at once, which is exactly where managed IT providers can help..

Reasons Why Any Law Firm Can Benefit from a Managed Service Provider

Continuous Technological Upgrades

Reputed MSPs are masters of their domain. They are technological specialists with proficient knowledge and experience in all aspects of a modern IT environment and how to manage and maintain it. But one of the benefits of using managed IT services is that you will get a custom-tailored IT infrastructure in line with your requirements that will help optimize your business efficiency.

Additionally, your managed IT services can also provide the implementation of any digital transitions to the cloud or remote IT solutions if applicable. They will take over each aspect of the installation process and help you maintain and manage your entire framework. This includes upgrading your environment with modern and more secure cybersecurity and performance software, as well as implementing backup and disaster recovery and data security measures to protect your business from cyber attacks. Moreover, they will also monitor your network and systems for any issues or threats and follow the best practices to ensure optimal performance and security.

Always Stay Securely Connected With In-House and Remote Teams

One of the biggest challenges for operating a remote team is communication and collaboration, especially if you’re a law firm. Because you’re dealing with so many sensitive cases and an overwhelming amount of data, you need to be able to ascertain that your remote employees have reliable and secure access to your network resources. This is even more important if you realize that your network isn’t designed for streamlined remote connectivity.

Cybersecurity can be a big concern here if your employees aren’t careful when accessing your database. Managed IT services, such as the ones offered by Corporate Technologies, can come into play here as they can quickly and securely implement a powerful VPN (virtual private network) infrastructure as well as make it so that each remote employee has to go through a multi-factor authentication process.

At Corporate Technologies, our services that are designed for law firms will ensure that all your remote employees use properly formatted and secure equipment when handling sensitive data or when accessing your company’s database. We can help provide critical backup and assistance at different levels of the chain. In addition, if there are IT complications encountered along the way, our systems engineers will be keeping a watchful eye, preventing any issues from taking root and troubleshooting those that have occurred.

Enhanced Cybersecurity and Cloud-Based Solutions

Nothing is more important than securing your data. As a law firm, there’s, you handle tons of sensitive, private, and valuable data about all of your clients. In addition, you’re also bound to attorney-client privilege, which means you can’t afford to have your data breached or leaked in any way. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, according to the ABA (American Bar Association), it was identified that more than 25% of all law firms in the US have to contend with a data breach or cyberattack at some time.

With a managed IT service, this won’t be the case. Why? Well, that’s because we keep a bird’s eye view of your digital landscape. Our managed IT services are capable of dealing with all types of internal and external cyber threats. We are equipped and proactive enough to ensure that any potential threat is handled quickly and before it spreads throughout your system. We provide security awareness training to your staff and help you comply with the data security standards of the legal industry. By using our managed IT services, you can focus on your core tasks of providing legal services and serving clients, while we take care of your IT operations and security. This way, you can increase your productivity and your bottom line, while transforming the legal practice with technology.

How Law Firms Can Benefit by Choosing Corporate Technologies?

Having been operating for more than a decade, Corporate Technologies has always been committed to providing enhanced managed IT solutions that are designed to accelerate your business growth while keeping your company secure. As a prominent and reputed MSP, we have the manpower, resources, and vision to keep your IT infrastructure on par with some of the best in the world. In light of this, here’s a quick look at what managed services entail:

  • 24/7/365 technical support and real-time monitoring.
  • Preventative and proactive systems management and maintenance.
  • Enhanced network security and protection from security breach
    EDR protocols to keep your data and systems secure.
  • Consistent patching and updating of your systems.