Owing to continuous digital innovation, technological advancements, and managed security services, there’s no doubt that the modern manufacturing industry is consistently getting more complex and more avant-garde to minimize risk management.

These companies strive to use the latest in manufacturing ΙΤ services equipment, autonomous tools and software, and much more. However, during the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was seen that manufacturing business sectors throughout the world began to struggle in terms of managing their supply chain and maintaining their workflows, and lacked the initiative to onboard more sophisticated digital elements.

Manufacturing-Managed IT Services

This is essentially where manufacturing-managed IT services, supported by case studies, came into action.

You’d be surprised to know that as per research, it is speculated the market for MSPs in 2030 will grow to surpass the $300 billion mark, signifying a manufacturing IT support growth rate of more than 13.5% till 2030.

Managed IT solutions providers have the vision, resources, and manufacturing processes to offer streamlined benefits to the manufacturing industry, and guide companies and organizations to maintain and manage their entire manufacturing IT solutions ecosystems – everything from cybersecurity detection and response and cloud-based storage to IoT (Internet of Things) maintenance, remote communications, and workflow optimizations.

Why You Should Opt for the Best Managed IT Services Provider

With a managed IT service provider such as Corporate Technologies, you’ll be able to develop a seamless and customizable IT manufacturing operations environment without worrying about investing in newer and more expensive managed cloud services, and software and hardware resources and components.

Know what you pay for with predictable expenses

Integrating a significant software and hardware change at your manufacturing plant can be a very daunting and stressful undertaking. It is always going to depend on how efficiently and diligently you manage your resource allocation and develop the right team of IT engineers and professionals.

For instance, implementing and running your SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system will fetch a high price. Plus, you’ll have an equally difficult time finding the right experts to run and manage the system. Not to mention, buying the equipment can also be very expensive.

This is essentially where Corporate Technologies comes in. As a manufacturing-managed IT services provider for industries, we can help drastically lower your total cost of a variety of intricate yet important aspects of your business goals, such as your efficient cybersecurity and physical systems, workflow optimizations, radio communications, and much more.

We offer a comprehensively secure and remote-based IT platform where you won’t have to develop an in-house system.

The Ability to Constantly Keep Your Business Up to Date

One of the most challenging aspects of running a manufacturing facility is when you have to invest in new technology or update/scale your current systems, cybersecurity, cloud services, tools, and devices. This is especially true considering many manufacturers are opting to futureproof their systems.

However, the conundrum here is knowing what type of technological trend will dominate the industry 5 to 10 years from now. What software or IoT elements should you work on to stay ahead of the curve in the next decade?

As a businessperson who is busy running their facility, and managing day-to-day activities, it can be very difficult to find the answer to these questions. Risk assessment is crucial in making the best decisions about technology investments, while implementing backup and disaster recovery plans can safeguard sensitive data and overall operations.

However, partnering with an MSP can help you eliminate the guesswork from the equation. Why? Well, that’s because our manufacturing-managed IT services come with a variety of critical solutions, such as constantly updating your IT and physical systems (which can be hundreds or thousands of machines and tools), and keeping your resource network safe and continually evolving.

Implement a Cutting-Edge Risk Monitoring and Management System

Digitizing is the best way to achieve heightened operational efficiency, guarantee proficient data security, promote efficient productivity, and a more environmentally friendly workplace.

However, keeping your digital assets secure is an integral part of ensuring business continuity. Managed service can help provide you with safe and constantly monitored physical and digital security. We not only offer cutting-edge cybersecurity services for manufacturers but we also streamline your video camera security systems and maintain your overall managed services access controls.

Minimize Your Overall Factory Downtime

Downtime can be an annoying complication for any business, big or small. Having to stop your operations just so that you can properly install a system update or implement a new process can adversely impact your bottom line. You would be surprised to know just how much money manufacturing businesses lose because of this. According to reports, businesses lose up to 5% of their overall revenue every year as a result of abrupt downtime!

Sure, while a smart analytical and reporting system, such as IoT sensors in your plant machinery and other equipment will help produce quick feedback and performance reports about machine health and maintenance optimizations, failure to consistently update or maintain this system is only going to cost you more money.

At Corporate Technologies, our manufacturing-managed IT services can help develop consistent and avant-garde remote maintenance and monitoring systems. We’ll take care of your monthly or weekly updates and other maintenance aspects, thus reducing your downtime.

Why Do Manufacturing Companies Choose Corporate Technologies?

We understand that, as a manufacturing facility, you deal with large and very costly assets that are completely dependent on cutting-edge applications and a systematic infrastructure, requiring the facility to operate with complete availability.

Our robust and talented team of IT engineers works with prominent and highly reputed manufacturing companies and distribution networks throughout the globe. We help brands continually optimize their processes with innovative applications, offering full-time remote and onsite IT support, ensuring business continuity and expansion.

Corporate Technologies uses state-of-the-art automation and digital technologies, guaranteeing a smooth and future-proof transition of your business, helping you always stay ahead of your competitors.

We also realize that the modern manufacturing industry is inclining towards a digitized environment, leveraging big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. We can help you foster a powerful and innovative environment, helping you develop a futuristic framework to enhance your operational effectiveness and longevity.

Benefits Businesses Can Enjoy with Corporate Technologies in a Nutshell

Systematic updates and maintenance of your manufacturing IT ecosystem

Partnering with one of the best manufacturing-managed service providers such as Corporate Technologies means that you get your team of dedicated specialists who will document every aspect of your hardware, software, and data center.

Our team will constantly monitor your system through our efficient help desk support for potential vulnerabilities, troubleshoot complications on the go as well as update your operational licenses and compliance requirements without bothering you.

Proactive infrastructural cybersecurity and analysis

By evaluating your IT system, our service providers will identify trends that highlight when you may have to contend with network issues, for example, your scheduled production rate may adversely impact your server bandwidth.

By analyzing your system, we can work around these issues and timely manage these problems so that you don’t have to stop your production. We use enhanced tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure to make sure your operational capabilities and cybersecurity posture run smoothly. Our comprehensive IT services help in maintaining uninterrupted production workflows and bolstering your network resilience.

24/7 Network Monitoring and Tech Support

Corporate Technologies uses managed service automation and dedicated IT professionals to keep a round-the-clock watch over all facets of your IT system. This includes switches, routers, firewalls, and much more. In case there is a complication, we’ll know about it and will proactively troubleshoot the problems without any delay.

Get in touch with us to explore our co-managed IT services, designed to support your digital transformation journey. Whether you’re seeking assistance with cloud computing solutions, optimizing your IT infrastructure, or managing your cloud infrastructure, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

Contact us today! As a trusted manager service provider, Corporate Technologies for IT professional services and consulting services provide peace of mind to your manufacturing company.