Protect your business from an unexpected loss of data with Corporate Technologies Data Backup Services

Your data has likely taken years of effort to compile and must be considered a valuable business asset. An asset is regarded as a part of your business infrastructure and deserves to be preserved and protected.

At Corporate Technologies, we understand how important your data is. That is why we have refined our virtualization and cloud storage systems in an effort to protect your organization from costly, unexpected data loss.

So, whether you’re involved in the enterprise or small business market, it’s time to take steps to protect your data. To do so, turn to Corporate Technologies’ proven systems and improve the way your business is storing, sharing, and securing its digital environment.

Take a Look at the Statistics…

  • Every year, approximately 6% of all computers experience data loss.
  • Approximately 40% of data losses are the result of hardware failure.
  • Over 90% of incidents involving large losses of data result in business closure or failure.
  • In the United States, approximately 150,000 hard drives crash every week.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

Access the right recovery plan and partners to get your data back across infrastructure when disaster strikes. At Corporate Technologies, our professional backup solutions leverage leading cloud platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to help you recover lost or compromised data.

We understand the sensitivity of securing data across complex IT environments. That’s why we offer industry-leading managed IT and cloud backup services to protect your organization. With sound backup architecture and disaster recovery planning, we are the right partner to cost-effectively restore access and availability when outages occur.

Whether you need recovery assistance after a  , application failure, or natural disaster, Corporate Technologies has the capabilities to securely back up and recover your data. Our case studies highlight proven success in helping global enterprises tackle data loss events and implement resilience.

Our storage and data backup service includes:

  • A data storage management solution tailored specifically for your business
  • Remote backups made consistently through the cloud to protect your business from costly data loss
  • Virtualization to optimize and manage your IT infrastructure from any location
  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Tiered storage
  • Live archiving
  • Cloud-based data protection
  • Disaster recovery

Our Comprehensive Strategy

The above make for a comprehensive recovery strategy. In the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, this ensures the safeguarding of your critical data. All your valuable information is securely stored in our advanced Corporate Technologies data center through backup copies, providing a robust foundation for restoration.

Prioritizing the utmost security, our approach includes the application of military-grade encryption and compression techniques to your backups, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

To guarantee the efficacy of our recovery system, we conduct proactive daily reviews of backup logs, allowing for swift identification and resolution of potential issues.

The management of backups and restores is seamlessly integrated into our operational procedures, fostering a responsive and resilient recovery environment. Moreover, our transparent service model offers you peace of mind with a defined monthly fee, eliminating any uncertainty associated with the cost of safeguarding your invaluable data.

Why Choose Us as Your Data Backup & Recovery Provider

At Corporate Technologies, we offer a full range of data backup and recovery applications and solutions to keep your company’s data secure and accessible. As a trusted technology company, we aim to connect with you and provide support across our partner network.

Our backup and disaster recovery plans leverage cutting-edge technology to help you recover lost or compromised cloud data. We utilize best practices in data management, data security, and business continuity to protect sensitive information across your entire infrastructure.

Whether you need professional managed services, recovery software, or cloud data backup, we have the capabilities and data centers to safeguard your assets. Read our customer stories  and learn how we help organizations like yours recover from outages and attacks.

Connect with Us

From financial services companies to healthcare systems, we work with organizations across every industry to implement robust backup solutions and disaster recovery services.

Become a partner in safeguarding your future. With a sound data protection strategy powered by purpose-built data recovery solutions, you gain peace of mind knowing that your most sensitive information can be rapidly restored.

Reach out for more information on how our backup and recovery solutions can benefit your technology roadmap. Together, we can develop a plan tailored to help you recurrently backup data across channels and efficiently restore operations. We can ensure you have a sound data management and IT resilience strategy.

Contact us today to find the right data protection partner for your business needs and evaluate backup and disaster recovery approaches built for your unique IT infrastructure. We look forward to helping you secure your future through reliable data backup!