Cloud IT services have now transformed into a global industry with a staggering market value exceeding $370 billion. These managed cloud services and application resources on the internet are no longer buzzwords. They’ve become a digital transformation necessity for businesses operating digitally. And it’s speculated that by 2025, the cloud operations industry will easily surpass the $830 billion mark.

Manufacturing businesses are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to meet their requirements for agility and scalability. As a result, partnering with a reliable cloud service provider like Google Cloud enables access to a wide range of cloud resources tailored to their specific needs.

Cloud Managed Services: an Evolving Necessity

There are a variety of interesting reasons why cloud management technologies are considered among the best practices of both small and large business operations in the United States and throughout the world. Cloud platform strategy along with a cloud service provider is primarily utilized for big data analytics or data management, streamlining and monitoring digital products, running network services, scaling or transforming IT cloud-managed infrastructure, managing cloud security and compliance optimization, or disaster recovery protocols, among a slew of other enterprise applications.

Some Powerful Reasons Businesses Need Dedicated Managed Service

Up to 90% of businesses have jumped on the cloud-managed services bandwagon in one way or the other. While we’re not saying that is critical to use managed cloud services for your business, cloud deployments are rapidly evolving. Innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), coupled with comprehensive machine learning management from cloud service providers, can profoundly impact and facilitate the expansion of your business.

Here are some ways in which cloud services may help you.


One of the best advantages of cloud-based services is their capability to offer built-in scalability features. We can integrate and/or implement newer applications and features with seamless efficiency, catalyzing your ability to garner quick and long-term impacts on your operational effectiveness.


To make your business future-proof, you need to constantly innovate. You need to learn to adapt and implement the latest technology trends.  It’s a big part of business growth. Depending on the cloud provider’s IT infrastructure, there may be a point when you realize that you have greatly reduced your chances of achieving a competitive edge, making it even harder for your business to integrate scalable outcomes.

Cloud services offer incredible contributions to the evolution of the IoT industry, allowing businesses to innovate, research, develop, and implement new top products that are changing the world.

Optimized DevOps

The most important advantage of DevOps is an optimized boost in the quality and speed it provides, allowing businesses to integrate innovative IT solutions with streamlined effectiveness. It does this by implementing a hybrid communication system that helps developers teams across an organization to work seamlessly together throughout the development cycle.

Minimize the need for sophisticated IT administration and management

Cloud services can help businesses secure and supervise their IT infrastructure with considerable ease and proficiency, helping you allocate important resources to other departments to help consistently scale your operational efficiencies.

For instance, if a company migrates to a cloud computing infrastructure, it will have to dedicate a ton of resources to various factors involved in the process, such as business development, enhancing customer experience, testing methodologies, outsourcing, etc.

Why Corporate Technologies

We offer secure and broad-spectrum cloud IT services while helping you add more value for money. For instance, with Corporate Technologies, you’ll only have to pay for resources that help achieve scalability and efficiency. We help design, integrate, manage, and enhance affordable, secured, and seamless cloud IT systems.

Here are some of the ways we can help you.

Achieve flexibility, fluency, and reliability

If you’re currently using a dedicated IT infrastructure, it’s time to consider a more managed strategy to help lower your operational costs and enjoy consistent user scalability. Our team of robust and industry-experienced DevOps will help promote continued delivery and integration methodologies using innovative solutions such as IaC (Infrastructure as Code), helping you continually optimize the quality of your products or services.

Develop decisive and manageable IT infrastructures

Another benefit of our cloud services is the fact that we help businesses design modular and flexible IT infrastructures. Our database development strategies make it easier for you to migrate between multiple cloud systems quickly and more securely, integrating open-source apps and solutions such as Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, and much more.

Service Segments

Corporate Technologies offers the following Cloud Services:​

    • Azure Migrations
    • SharePoint
    • AWS Migrations
    • Google Workspace migrations
    • Software as a Service



Service Segments

Corporate Technologies offers the following Cloud Services:

  • Azure Migrations
  • SharePoint
  • AWS Migrations
  • Google Workspace migrations
  • Software as a Service

Here is a brief explanation of the types of cloud services we offer:

Our Cloud IT Services in a Nut Shell

It has been quite a while now since hybrid cloud computing became the go-to technological trend for businesses both big and small. There are plenty of core benefits that can be attributed to the transformation of cloud IT services, some of them being scalable digital security, quick payment processes, third-party app modifications, and much more.

However, integrating and managing a cloud solution infrastructure can be a complex technical undertaking. You need a certain amount of experience, expertise, and foresight to operate a comprehensive cloud system. This can be difficult if you don’t have any hands-on talent.

Sure, you could have a look at the various technical manuals and learning materials available from different cloud platforms such as Cloud Azure, AWS, etc. but that just going to make things more confusing and possibly overwhelming since you’ll need a lot of time to train yourself; time that you could be spending in optimizing various facets of your business.

To counter this, a lot of companies (big and small) go a different route when considering implementing a complete IT transformation, which is partnering with fully managed cloud service providers such as  Corporate Technologies.

Azure Migrations

If you’re looking for quick and effective advantages of Microsoft Azure migrations, then you’re at the right place. Microsoft Azure helps offer businesses the opportunity to securely transfer or migrate their software, data, apps, etc. to Azure, providing streamlined features to manage everything more easily.

At Corporate Technologies, we help optimize your Azure transition by identifying and implementing the quickest and safest strategies in line with your company’s objectives; be it service dockerization or IaaS. Selecting the right type of cloud infrastructure and managing it can be difficult. Our Azure migrations help deliver the much-needed experience and skill required to steer clear of typical pitfalls.

We help businesses adopt and adapt to innovative solutions designed to help them accelerate their ROI. In addition, we have a team of certified and experienced professionals who first conduct a comprehensive assessment of your IT framework and tailor solutions in line with your transformative goals.

We take care of every step of the process including workload and the integration of applications, further minimizing your business risk and eliminating any chances of experiencing a disruption or downtime in your operations. Our cloud services are designed for efficiency, offering quick optimizations.


SharePoint provides businesses with the advantage of streamlining disordered or haphazard workflows along with declining communication, helping them optimize their performance. At Corporate Technologies our SharePoint migration experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your collaboration pitfalls and integrate solutions that quickly mitigate any shortcomings.

We offer multifaceted cloud IT services to help you develop and adopt enhanced SharePoint solutions that can enable your employees to effectively manage and facilitate their overall company processes. Our professionals will assist you in tailoring solutions from the ground up, making critical modifications in line with your needs.

M365 Migrations

A Microsoft 365 migration can be an instrumental way of helping transition your company’s applications and other important data from an on-premises system to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Thanks to our experienced IT infrastructure professionals, we offer extensive strategies to help make the process disruption-free, ensuring a seamless migration from a variety of platforms, such as Exchange to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace to MS 365, PST to Microsoft Office 365, tenant to tenant transformations, and much more.

Some of the most important benefits of our M365 cloud services include the fact that we help businesses eliminate the need for manual and time-intensive software updates, optimize the infrastructure to accommodate newer features quickly and securely, and help you access those features as soon as they are ready.

AWS Migrations

With a worldwide presence and up to 1.5 million businesses using Amazon Web Services, this cloud computing infrastructure helps organizations seamlessly migrate their workloads to a secure and proficient cloud system.

With AWS, you can migrate a comprehensive list of business-critical factors such as your websites, information databases, file storage, apps, virtual servers, and much more. You can even choose to migrate your data centers from an on-premises environment.

AWS can play a vital role in helping you customize your digital strategies, improving your operational and organizational efficiencies to gain a more competitive edge. At Corporate Technologies, we implement tailor-made and end-to-end AWS migration services to help integrate a smooth and continuously improving IT infrastructure.

We make sure that our cloud migration collaborations also align with your business’ sustainability objective while optimizing your access to a top-notch IaaS ecosystem.

Google Workspace Migrations

Google Workspace helps comfortably integrate every important facet of your business, such as your emails, data documentation, storage, video and voice calling, security software, administration control, and much more. With a Google Workspace migration, you can help your employees seamlessly and securely collaborate, even if they’re remotely working anywhere in the world.

Corporate Technologies offers managed cloud services to help you go through your business cloud journey with success. Our skilled engineers will help identify and implement the right application development, software tools, and infrastructure services to make your transition hassle-free and secure. For instance, our cloud services include cloud environments such as Google Apps Manager, Google Cloud Platform, VMWARE Cloud, and IMAPSync, amongst others to provide a more holistic migration.

We understand the potential risks and key considerations associated with data migrations and provide organizations with a comprehensive preparation plan to help them understand the advantages of the migrations and the types of technical changes they can look forward to. Our personalized approach emphasizes partial or complete management and control throughout the process, making sure that organizations can confidently build and maintain efficiently their managed cloud operations.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

By moving to SaaS, your business will be equipped to handle a broad range of newer and better technological capabilities and apps efficiently without requiring you to invest a significant amount of capital into its IT framework.

SaaS cloud migration services will also help you get rid of the need to buy a dearth of software licenses, allowing you to incur a subscription each month. This is going to help you potentially lower your up-front costs when it comes to software deployments.

At Corporate Technologies, we offer efficient and innovative SaaS migration automation capabilities using state-of-the-art technology along with market-leading strategies. Moreover, we also offer continuous process management support solutions and competitive cost optimizations to further enhance your SaaS migration advantages

Why Choose a Professional Managed Services Company

When considering a professional managed services company for your cloud deployment, several crucial factors come into play. With expertise in optimizing response times and ensuring significant cost savings, particularly in financial services, navigating the complexity of cloud management becomes smoother.

By choosing a managed provider like us at Corporate Technologies, you gain access to cloud services that offer tailored solutions to suit your client’s cloud needs, including data center integration and comprehensive cloud strategy development.

Corporate Technologies: all the benefits of managed cloud services in one company

Our focus on business continuity ensures seamless operations, while our proficiency in managing various operating systems maximizes the benefits of managed services. Whether it’s enhancing cost efficiencies, ensuring data security, or simplifying operations, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discover how our team can deliver the right maintenance for your cloud journey.

Partner with Corporate Technologies, your trusted managed service provider in North America! With our streamlined managed IT services and cloud services, we empower businesses, helping them implement groundbreaking strategies to experience a stress-free transition.

Whether you’re a small retail business or a large enterprise, we cater to diverse industries and customers alike. Gain valuable insights as we navigate the challenges of the public cloud together. Let our expertise guide you towards optimized types of managed operations and unparalleled efficiency and elevate your business with a leading cloud services provider.

Reach out today and embark on a transformative cloud experience!