When it comes to data security, process efficiencies, and operational productivity, nonprofit companies need to have a seamless yet comprehensive IT infrastructure that ensures powerful cybersecurity and cloud data storage. This is where nonprofit IT services and support like those offered by Corporate Technologies come into play.

Why In-House IT Departments Are Becoming Redundant 

As IT moves away from the traditional break-and-fix model to a more avant-garde and proactive system on which productive and consistent business efficiencies are achieved, a lot of companies are seen to move away from the conventional in-house IT center to managed service providers. There are many reasons why this is happening.

For instance, in-house IT specialists, while knowledgeable, may not necessarily have the time or cutting-edge resources to launch a multipronged effort to solve simultaneously occurring problems.

In addition, a lot of these teams are reactive rather than proactive in their approach to handling IT-related issues and lack the vision or skills to help businesses continuously evolve in the world of digital transformation.

In light of this, here are some potential issues that you may experience with an in-house team, including a lack of a robust disaster recovery plan:

  • Building an in-house team requires a lot of capital.
  • You need to be technologically well-versed to maintain an environment of accountability.
  • Your team may not be able to provide you with the right nonprofit-managed IT and cloud services.
  • They may not be able to drive value or help optimize your business’ digital scalability.

Why You Should Lean Towards a Reputable Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT service providers, such as Corporate Technologies, help empower nonprofit organizations to seamlessly access broad-spectrum information technology solutions, consultancy, and network management solutions that can help better optimize their digital environment and secure their data and network resources.

In addition, we also take care of compliance-related issues to ensure that you remain one step ahead without experiencing any disruption in your daily business activities. All our strategic services are tailor-made, based on every company’s requirements and needs, which means you’ll only need to pay for and use services that you truly need.

Benefits of Migrating to a Managed IT Service Environment

Implementation of Cost-Effective Solutions

Collaborating with an experienced MSP can help you mitigate a lot of staff costs that would, otherwise, be associated with an in-house IT team. With an MSP, you won’t have to pay for individual experts.

Our nonprofit organization Managed IT Services come with a comprehensive team of IT engineers and professionals who will be working on your project goals.

Optimized Cybersecurity

Most nonprofit companies handle and store a lot of sensitive data digitally, which means they are more susceptible to an internal or external cyberattack.

However, an MSP can effectively keep your company’s data and network resources fully secured with avant-garde security solutions such as innovative antimalware programs, powerful firewalls, and military-grade data encryption.

In addition, an MSP will monitor your system 24/7, implementing a proactive strategy to look for and eliminate the possibility of a threat before it even takes shape or has the chance to spread throughout your system.

Why Companies Choose Corporate Technologies

Corporate Technologies provides a comprehensive and multipronged approach to helping companies achieve effective business continuity thanks to our suite of innovative managed IT services.

We understand that you want to focus on your day-to-day business operations rather than continuously having to check on your IT infrastructure. We can do all that for you, while keeping you in the loop.

In light of this, here are some of our services that are used by many nonprofit companies across the country:

  • Managed service contracts
  • Unlimited 24-7 Help Desk
  • Email and data protection
  • Advanced information recovery and storage systems
  • 24/7 technical and troubleshooting support
  • Engineers available for onsite visits
  • Cutting-edge cloud systems

Let Corporate Technologies be your partner in success. Experience unparalleled client support, innovative consulting solutions, and a dedicated community-driven approach.

Take the first step towards optimizing your nonprofit’s digital environment, ensuring compliance, so you can focus solely on your organization’s mission!