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Four Signs Your Business Needs IT Support

Every modern business has technological needs, from an engineering firm or ad agency to a restaurant or retailer – technology is always positioned as an integral facet of day-to-day operation. Whether that involves payroll management, material printing, file storage, or beyond, successful organizations simply cannot function without the utilization of modern tech.

But what is the best way to go about managing that technology to ensure we have everything we need and that it’s all working to the best of its ability? Those are two crucial components. If the technology we need isn’t present or isn’t helping us operate as a more efficient and productive business, then it’s simply a wasted cost. If you’re not sure how to go about managing your business’s technology, professional IT support can play a massive role in streamlining your operation.

Here are four signs your business is in need of professional IT support.

You have plans for growth

57 percent of companies say integrating key digital technologies is critical to their business, but many growth-oriented organizations simply aren’t prepared for everything that goes into that growth. Your IT needs will grow as your business grows. If you’re adding new team members or new locations or both, there is a lot that will go into that process, including:

  • New equipment (computers, monitors, laptops, printers, modems, etc.)
  • Additional network capabilities
  • Additional security
  • Additional storage
  • And more

An IT professional can help you scale up your technology as your business grows to ensure you’re prepared to handle that growth without losing a step.

You’ve had security issues

If you’ve ever experienced a security breach – and especially if you’ve experienced more than one – you need to invest in professional IT support. Particularly in industries that deal in sensitive data, such as finance or healthcare, any compromised data is a massive problem that will impact your clients and your bottom line.

Any lost data due to a lack of backups is also an issue that could have been avoided. Your business should be backing up all of its data on a regular basis to ensure that even if a system disaster does occur, you’ll be able to pick up the pieces and continue operating successfully. An IT partner can help get this protocol in place.

You’ve been experiencing downtime

Time is money in business, and any downtime experienced is a big issue. 98 percent of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. If you’ve been experiencing costly periods of downtime on a recurring basis, you need to speak to an IT professional.

Not only will IT support drastically reduce the occurrences of downtime, but it will also help you get back up and running much more quickly in any event and allow you to focus on your job – not on frustrating IT issues.

Your technology is out of date

If you’re having compatibility issues due to some of your technology being out of date, such as old operating systems, non-wireless print/scan/fax, or non-cloud-based storage, it’s time to upgrade. 64 percent of companies are building on their IT budget to replace existing outdated IT infrastructure.

An IT partner will help make sure everything is up-to-date and working together seamlessly – a process that can often be confusing if you’re upgrading multiple components at once.

Grow your business with Corporate Technologies

Corporate Technologies delivers all-encompassing support to ensure every aspect of your business’s IT needs is effectively managed. Corporate Technologies provides:

  • Advanced security solutions for you and your clients
  • Cloud solutions to help you take your business digital while boosting accessibility and reducing your hardware footprint
  • Backups and protection to prepare against the unexpected
  • Personalized onsite support to achieve face-to-face resolutions for any IT issue

Contact us today to take total control of your business’s IT needs and to learn more about the added benefits of our Technology Advantage program.

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