Managing IT solutions can be very advantageous to all types of companies that are looking to streamline and optimize their IT infrastructure and maintain their data storage and security. This is especially true for organizations in the healthcare industry. Healthcare managed services can help healthcare organizations fortify data security, and enhance workflow processes.

It’s critical to understand that healthcare providers have to contend with a slew of complications, including cyberattacks, continuously changing or modifying compliance guidelines, staff problems, and much more. By collaborating with a reputable and trusted managed service provider, such as Corporate Technologies, these organizations can adopt top technologies and digital innovations to consistently enhance their patient care, optimize network security, and make their operational processes more accessible.

Some Great Reasons Why Healthcare Organizations Need Managed IT Services

According to a report posted by Check Point Research, it was identified that the healthcare sector in the U.S. experienced more than 1,400 cyberattacks every week throughout 2022. Another research analysis provided by the Cost of a Data Breach Report indicated that the healthcare industry has the most data breaches compared to other industries – costing them more than $10 million per breach.

So, as a healthcare business, it is paramount that you focus on fortifying your cybersecurity while simultaneously being able to optimize your patient care and workflows. However, doing all these things can be challenging, as maintaining and setting up an in-house IT ecosystem may be costly. This is where managed IT services come into play. Now, let’s dive into some excellent reasons why you should partner with one:

Data Protection and Managed Cloud Services

The healthcare industry has a vast amount of data, compared to many other types of businesses. thousands of patients are seen by hospitals every day, and each patient can have huge quantities of data and information associated with them in the system. Storing this data can be very complicated, and potentially insecure if you don’t have a cutting-edge cybersecurity system in place. In addition, it can be a nightmare to access each patient’s data promptly using subpar systems.

However, with our managed services, we can help design a comprehensive solution for you, customizing its features in line with your requirements so that you will only have to pay for the services you use.

These services will provide fast and reliable data-sharing, eliminating redundancies, and make sure that a physician’s data is organized, readily accessible, and protected.

Stringent Quality of Service and Consistency

Outdated or poorly maintained systems will always be susceptible to the risk of a data breach by even the simplest of cyberattacks. Not to mention, it can also cause disruption leading to severe downtimes that will inadvertently lead to sub-par patient experience. Collaborating with healthcare IT managed service providers, you’ll be able to access a custom-tailor IT environment, continuously improving the quality and consistency of your services. With our healthcare managed IT services, all your needs and networking resources will be managed off-site with 24/7 technical support, and there will be no disruption in services or any downtime to worry about.

Boost in Operational Growth and Scalability

Budgetary problems, lack of space, and older technology will always impede your technological progress, making scalability an impossible task. Using the services of managed IT service providers can help significantly enhance your scalability improvements by giving you access to state-of-the-art IT resources and digital assets, making your operations more flexible and agile.

Why Do Businesses Choose Corporate Technologies?

At Corporate Technologies, we provide customizable managed solutions unique to your workflows and patient data. In addition, our services will optimize your productivity and efficiency, reduce IT costs, and improve patient care. In light of this, here are some benefits that you can enjoy with us in a nutshell:

  • We offer comprehensive solutions that can be customized to line with your company’s data management and security.
  • Our managed services include support-based processes to help you protect your data, reduce downtime, and improve your telehealth services.