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How to Manage Your Business’ Tech Priorities

From an outsider’s perspective technology is often shrouded in mystery. We hear from many businesses that they are not sure what their providers do and business owners are not sure where to begin when setting technology expectations and direction.
Don’t be intimidated by technical speak and jargon. Understanding and measuring what your IT provider is doing is as important as understanding what your controller or your sales staff is doing. It is time to demystify technology. If you feel like you don’t know what to expect from your IT provider below are some conversation starters:
  • Consider the Cloud – What cloud solutions are you implementing and how much money are you saving? There are affordable and reliable solutions that help manage your technology while you focus on your business.
  • Manage your IT budget – Working with a managed service provider can reduce cost, downtime and increase productivity. A quality managed partner should be providing: network documentation, review of monthly help desk tickets, inventory of all hardware and software, and regularly schedule maintenance.
  • Simplify Storage – Assess storage utilization and consider virtualization to consolidate resources.
  • Back up your Data – is your provider testing your backups to verify your data is recoverable? Identify, document and confirm you have a backup strategy that meets your recovery time objective.
  • Apply Critical Patches – Easy to do, yet often overlooked. There are managed service providers that can easily and affordably maintain this for your organization.
  • Protect your Data – How are you protecting your most valuable assets? Install a business-class Internet firewall or edge device
Corporate Technologies has the solutions that you need to make your IT services stop taking up all of your time. We have solutions for all of your IT needs from a simple printer error to making sure that your server is secure and your network protected. We have backup solutions, cloud solutions, consulting services, storage and virtualization, warranty support services and voice & data networking.

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