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Does Your Technology Disaster Recovery Plan Meet 3-2-1 Standard?

Ask any business owner what they need to mitigate risk and overcome unforeseen challenges and they usually rattle off their go-to partners: a trusted lawyer, accountant, banker and probably a good insurance agent as well.  What key ingredient are they typically missing in that mix?  An IT partner with the expertise to advise the business owner before disaster strikes.

We’ve witnessed the disruption and pain from clients when faced with damaged equipment, even an entire office carted off by thieves.  We recommend as a starting point for all our clients a technology and cost agnostic “3-2-1†strategy.

  • 3:  Have a minimum of three copies of your business critical data. The primary data itself, the main restoral backup copy and a third disaster or archival copy.
  • 2: Keep those copies at two locations.  Your office counts as the first location. Get the second location as far away as secure as possible or consider an online backup solution.
  • 1:  Have one written plan in place.  Craft a detailed action plan so you know how to respond in a time of panic.

How much you spend up front and what technology you use to accomplish your desired results will vary by risk tolerance and budget, but start here to insure your business won’t be one of the 90% that ultimately closes it’s doors after a significant data loss.

Corporate Technologies has the solutions that you need to make your IT services stop taking up all of your time. We have solutions for all of your IT needs from a simple printer error to making sure that your server is secure and your network protected. We have backup solutions, cloud solutions, consulting services, storage and virtualization, warranty support services and voice & data networking.

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