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Protecting Your Backup Server

Within the past few years, there has been a rapid rise of malware attacks. Businesses  face an increased risk of data loss, production delays, and a crippling reputation. The complex features of malware also present a significant barrier when finding and isolating detection. This has therefore resulted in many businesses adopting and implementing a multilayered approach to protecting and preserving their company information. 

With the proper resources, any organization can establish safe backup policies to help maximize data availability. The key is to remember that backup security is not a project, but a process. It requires continuous monitoring and enhancements.

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3 tips to secure your backup information

Network Separation: It’s essential to maintain secure and reliable communication with your backup server. One of the most effective security strategies is to divide your backup network into security zones. Security zones are groups of servers, systems and networks with common security criteria. And within each zone is a single device (or a group of devices) that are subject to a security policy. Typically the zones are separated using  a “third layer device,” like a firewall. 

Establish a password policy: One of the major vulnerability points is weak password enforcement. In other words, if you have a weak password that’s easy to guess, your business is more at risk. However, you can mitigate your risk by establishing and enforcing a few steps. First, there has to be a password policy that all employees must follow- no exceptions. Here are a few other steps to include in your password policy:

  • Find and change all null or default passwords on the server
  • Enforce a minimum password length and complexity
  • Integrate a lockout policy triggered by a defined number of failed attempts
  • Don’t store passwords using reversible encryption
  • Force session timeout for inactivity

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Update your software

A key technique for protecting your information is keeping your software up to date. Outdated software versions have already been checked for flaws, limitations, and vulnerabilities.  Most importantly though, this leaves them accessible for attackers to manipulate those known vulnerabilities. Software developers are constantly updating versions for new features. Additionally, they are patching the possible security vulnerabilities. In short, keeping everything up to date reduces your chance of vulnerability. 

To protect your data, Corporate Technologies offers a range of options. We are committed to your data privacy and security. 

Contact Us for more information on how we can help you secure your data.

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